Exploratory Drilling

SYNGEN Consulting Services maintains its own compliment of limited access drilling rigs and also partners with The Drilling Company Corp to offer more options for access to remote or to difficult terrain.  Whether site access is by boat, plane, helicopter, foot, or dogsled, we have the right tool for the job.
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Exploring the subsurface conditions beneath an existing home prior to purchase.
Our limited access drill rig can go anywhere.
Our modified limited access drill rigs can go deep.
Continuous flight auger exploration reveals soft, organic deposits of silt at house site in Fairbanks.
Continuous flight auger is used to reveal massive ground ice deposit at a proposed house site in the Goldstream Valley.
Ice cores extracted from beneath a radiant floor slab off of Chena Hot Springs Road.
Ice core taken from a proposed house site off of Murphy Dome Road.